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Greg Parke

What people are saying about Greg Parke...
  • "Extremely excited to have Greg Parke as part of our opening celebration"   Kirkland Performance Center
  • "Super CD, great talent! Watch Greg's career soar"   C&K
  • "What a time Greg gave us at the Lavender Festival--by far the best musician-performer there, and there were many good ones!" S.P.
  • "quickly becoming one of our favorites" KMUN Radio
  • "An Artist that is a joy to work with" King Vac Productions.
  • "The audience was so attentive you could have heard a pin drop" L.P.
  • "Don't miss this man!" Port Orchard Daily News.
  • Outstanding! Every song holds up.....should be on the Today show!" J.M.
  • "Heard Greg on Troll Radio...........Awesome!" R.L.
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